7 Tips for Successful Startup Scouting in China

7 Tips for Successful Startup Scouting in China - Dealflow (by Founders Lair)

Startup scouting in China can be challenging due to the culture and language differences. But with the right strategies, you can find high-potential startups to work with.

Here are seven important things to keep in mind when scouting for startups in China:

1. WeChat Ecosystem is Critical

Communication is crucial when scouting startups in China.

WeChat is the most popular platform for communication in China, and using it effectively is essential. Download WeChat and make good use of its mini-programs and chat groups to reach out to Chinese startups and business partners.

Developing a strong presence on WeChat will improve your chances of establishing a successful business relationship in China.

2. Communicate in Chinese

Chinese startups are more likely to respond to communication in Chinese.

Ensure that your program content and application forms are in Chinese to attract and appeal to the local market.

Hiring a local consultant or translator may also be helpful in ensuring effective communication with potential business partners.

3. Abandon Cold-Mailing or Cold-outreach

Sending cold emails to Chinese startups is not effective. Local don’t normally use emails for communication, nor check their email inbox. And sadly, there’s no LinkedIn or similar platform in China which you can reach out to people.

Chinese business culture is built on relationships and networking, so building trust and personal relationships is crucial. Focus your communication efforts on WeChat, which is the main platform for business communication in China.

4. Build Guanxi

Building personal relationships with startup founders in China is critical to success.

Guanxi, which means “connections” in Chinese, is essential to succeed in the Chinese business culture. You should try to establish personal relationships with startup founders or find local partners who have existing connections with Chinese startups.

5. Avoid Government-Related Startups

Startups that have close associations with the Chinese government may hesitate to work with foreign corporations. It’s essential to identify startups that are not directly affiliated with the government.

By focusing on non-government-affiliated startups, you can minimize potential legal and business obstacles.

6. Understand the Local Holiday Schedule

Holiday seasons in China differ from those in Western countries.

Chinese New Year, which takes place in January or February, is a significant holiday period, and many Chinese people take extended periods off work.

To avoid missing out on potential opportunities, it’s essential to plan your scouting activities around China’s holiday schedule.

7. Set up Application Collection Systems in China

Data protection laws in China require companies to store data within the country.

If you collect application data from Chinese startups, you better have your server located within mainland China. This step is crucial, as non-compliance can result in significant legal repercussions and damage to your company’s reputation.


By following these seven key tips, you can increase your chances of successful startup scouting in China. Focus on building personal relationships with startup founders, use WeChat to communicate effectively, and remember to be flexible and adaptable to the local business culture.

Dealflow (by Founders Lair)

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