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Our all-in-one open innovation platform offers a streamlined solution for corporate innovation centers, startup accelerators, and governments to scout and manage startups from all over the world for free.

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Startup scouting as a service 📡

Start scouting with just an account and reach startups from any region and industry

Our community of highly connected startup experts and organizations refers startups from their network to your program.

Create your startup program

Define your ideal startup and start collecting applications

Promote on Flair Network

Showcase your program and connect to startups worldwide

Shortlist and get in touch

Found the perfect startup? Shortlist them and get their contact deatils

Manage your portfolio

Review startup applications, rate and manage them with your team

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What is a startup program 🗂️

A program is a customized search for startups based on specific criteria

Startup programs let you scout and manage startups for your PoCs, Investments, Acceleration and Landing Programs, Events and much more. Invite and collaborate with your team.

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What is an application 📄

Startups interested in your program will apply and generate an application for you to review

Applications are very detailed and include basic information such as location, industry, investment stage, and more advance details such as financial records and pitch decks.

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Manage as an organisation 🧩

Invite your team to build and manage your startup portfolio on Dealflow

Dealflow is built for teams. Invite your colleagues to scout, build and manage your startup portfolio. Comment on startup applications and leave feedback for the founders.

Invite your team or external judges

Invite your team or external judges to share their expertise, insights, and perspectives on the sartups that applied to your program.

Comment and start threads on startup applications

You can easily start threads and comment on startup applications, streamlining communication and keeping everyone on the same page.

Rate applications with your team

You can make objective comparisons between startups and ensure that you're focusing on the most promising ones.

Shortlist and contact the startup executives directly

Once you've evaluated the startups, you can use our platform to shortlist and get i touch the most promising ones.

Scout innovative startups with our highly connected network


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Scouting and Management Solutions 🏛️

Start scouting today with Dealflow for free

Define your scouting requirements

Start scouting startups by defining your target. Specify region, industry and stage.

Publish your program

We will publish and promote your program worldwide through our network.

Collect applications

Share your program and let startups apply through our default application form.

AI startups score

We trained an AI model to assist you with rating the startups that apply to your program.

Manage as a team

Invite your team to review, rate and comment startups. Build your portfolio together.

Media partners

Monitor who is promoting your program and measure their impact.

Analytics and reports

Measure your reach and the quality of your portfolio over time.

Shortlist applications

Once you've evaluated startups, you can use our platform to shortlist and contact the most promising ones.

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Level up your innovation programs with us

Best for conversion

Whitelabel Solution

Branded landing page, dashboard and mailing for your program

Showcase your program, promote your brand and improve startups conversion rate

Custom domain and form builder

Conect your own domain and ask additional customised questions to startups with the form builder

Advanced Support

Premium support and consultation from a dedicated project manager

Boost startup applications

Access our Exclusive Network

Access our active referral network and boost startup applications

Leverage on our connectors and partners network to find the startups you need faster

Custom form builder

Ask additional customised questions to startups

Dedicated Scouting Support

Our execution team will support you in scouting till your KPIs are fulfilled

Contact our sales team to get a free demo ☎️

Mint Pan

Mint Pan

Business Development Lead

Bob Miller

Bob Miller

Business Development

We are happy to listen to your requirements and craft offers tailored to your needs. Every company is different and runs innovation differently.

Frequently Asked Questions 🚧

This depends on the program description, your requirements, the benefits you are offering, the region that you are targeting. We have programs that achieve over 200 applications, and programs that only reach 5-10. As a start, you can expect to receive at least 10 applications within the first week. If not, please reach out to our connector coordinators, they will help you to improve the wording and to activate connectors for you.

You can select from “PoC”, “Acceleration”, “Investment”, “Incubation”, “Landing Program”, “Competition” and a few more choices.

We also have for certain clients the opportunity to upload hidden projects that focus on “Investors Sourcing” or “Mentor Sourcing”. Only chosen connectors can see these projects and you will receive applications and referrals for investors and mentors.

You only pay for the contact details of those startups that you are keen to reach out to. If you receive for example 100 applications, but you consider only 10 as quality, you would choose to top up “Flair Credits” in order to access the contact details of those 10 startups.

You only pay for the contact details of those startups that you are keen to reach out to. If you receive for example 100 applications, but you consider only 10 as quality, you would choose to top up “Flair Credits” in order to access the contact details of those 10 startups.

If you have further questions or need clarification, please reach out to us in the chat.

How we helped our clients


Founders Lair has a tremendous reach and delivered several startups that fitted very precisely to our needs. Definitely beyond expectations.

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This competition is the first collaboration with Founder Lair and it was a very pleasant and successful experience. Throughout the entire process, Founder Lair actively cooperated, meticulously planned, widely promoted, and utilized its own platform advantages, which helped to expand the participation of overseas projects in the competition. Within a short recruitment period of one month, they excellently completed the recruitment plan. In the future, we hope that Founder Lair can connect more entrepreneurial teams, build bridges, and help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

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“Founders Lair is a very diverse global startup community and platform that empowering the entrepreneurs finding the potential opportunities. With its wider coverage of different locations and startup communities all over the world, we are able to get to know a broader spectrum of startups. The team is dynamic and fast paced, we pretty enjoy working with them.“

Bing Li, Startup Ecosystem Advocate, Head of Agora Supersonic Program


“I am really happy with FoundersLair. The platform connected us with very suitables startups with perfect industry-coverage for the Start.Up!GermanyTour. We are very satisfied with setup of the platform and how quick questions were answered. Looking forward to cooperate with FoundersLair again soon.”

Maren Petry, National Senior Director Innovation, German Chamber Greater China


We have been working with Founders Lair on several projects. It is always challenging to identify and attract early stage startups who are about to scale, especially on very specific topics such as FinTech and InsurTech. Founders Lair helped us achieve our targeted numbers and most importantly has delivered high quality of startups.

In addition, they have always offered dedicated support, flexibility and hands-on approach to every project we have been working on.


Founders Lair has been an invaluable partner for HICOOL as we continue to expand our international startup network and build a supportive startup ecosystem in Beijing. The team at Founders Lair has a deep understanding of the global startup landscape and has provided us with exceptional support and connections. We appreciate their commitment to supporting startups in developing their global business and look forward to continuing our long-term partnership.

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The Founders Lair platform is very convenient to use. After the competition is live on the platform, you can check and follow up on the application status in real time. Special thanks to the founder Jelte for organizing an online Q&A meeting for global connectors for our competition, so that they can better understand our scouting needs and refer more suitable projects efficiently. Founders Lair has a very strong international network, which has well solved the scouting needs of our competition. Finally, I would also like to thank the execution team for helping us solve various problems during the scouting period and giving us useful suggestions.

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