Connect founders to growth opportunities and earn money

Get access to an exclusive dashboard for connectors to accelerate startups around you through our powerful marketplace.

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Connector pro dashboard
Earn with your connections
Earn Money

Your own startup ecosystem at your fingertips

Founders, startups, and innovators around you find the right resources through you, you help them to grow. This has an impact on technology advancement, community, and society. Get a referral link and share it with your ecosystem. Many connectors do it for the money, nothing wrong with “do well by doing good”.

The ultimate tool for investors and accelerators who truly care about their portfolio companies

Open doors to valuable opportunities and help your startups grow. Track startups performance while developing valuable connections to new partners in your industry.

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Develop a startup mentor profile with ease and stands for trust

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Help your startup community

Measure your impact as community builder with data and earn money through your connections.

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Looking for startups?

Founders Lair gives you the tools to find the startups you are looking for; any industry, any stage, anywhere in the world. We help corporates, governments, investors and many more with their startup sourcing strategies.