About Us

Founders Lair – or FLair – is a free peer to peer platform for founders, which strives helping entrepreneurs find faster the resources they need. Founders Lair is like a secret platform, a hideout that you can only enter and contribute to if you are a startup founder.

Any founder traveling to another city, or any entrepreneur who wants to start their startup in their own ecosystem relies on insights of who they can trust. Having access to reliable information is however something most founders do not have, and they will spend a lot of time and resources on finding trustworthy partners. This is why we started Founders Lair.

The Team

Founder & CEO

I am passionate about entrepreneurship, people and innovation. Building skilled teams from scratch, growing together and simultaneously creating value for our global society is where I want to be.


I believe that design thinking is the future of innovation.

I like bringing together my passions, and I am currently exploring the way design and marketing can enhance one another.


I’m doing a master’s degree program in international relations with a focus on China, in Renmin University of China. I opened the Startup Grind University Renmin chapter in September 2018, becoming the first official female University chapter Director in Beijing.

Business Development

I’m a Startup Grind University Director at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, University where I study a master’s in International Trade. I am also involved as a core member of the event management team in Startup Grind Beijing. My international experience is based on 6 years as a student in Unites States, 4 in China and the rest in my home country, Mexico.