The Beijing Startup Ecosystem

Introduction to the Beijing Startup Ecosystem Expanding a startup into new markets can be a daunting task, but for ambitious entrepreneurs seeking global opportunities, the Beijing startup ecosystem presents an enticing prospect. With its dynamic environment, robust infrastructure, and supportive policies, Beijing offers a compelling case for international startup founders to consider expanding their ventures […]

Product Update: Builders white-label Link

The newest product update released today is the white-label link feature. This link provides users with the ability to apply directly to a project without having to visit the project page. This feature offers benefits for both connectors and clients. Connectors who have their own landing page, blog, or website can take advantage of the […]

What is a Startup Ecosystem Builder?

A startup ecosystem builder is a person or organization that works to create an environment in which startups can thrive. This includes providing resources, support, and networking opportunities to entrepreneurs, as well as fostering a culture of innovation and risk-taking. Who are Startup Ecosystem Builders? The role of an ecosystem builder can take many forms, […]

Join the Global Team of Startup Community Builders

Are you passionate about supporting founders and entrepreneurs in your local startup ecosystem? Join our global team of Startup Community Builders and make a difference while earning regional badges for Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Oceania, Middle East and Asia. Connect founders and entrepreneurs with resources, foster a sense of community and earn recognition for your contributions to the ecosystem. Apply now!

Becoming an African Startup Community Builder: Essential Skills and How to Join a Thriving Ecosystem

Future of Startup Ecosystems in Africa

African startup community builders are key in building a thriving ecosystem for startups. They connect entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors to help startups succeed. But to be successful, they need essential skills such as networking, leadership, communication and cultural understanding. In this post, we discuss how these skills are important and how community builders can join a thriving ecosystem.

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