Product Update: Builders white-label Link

The newest product update released today is the white-label link feature. This link provides users with the ability to apply directly to a project without having to visit the project page. This feature offers benefits for both connectors and clients.

Product Update, white-label

Connectors who have their own landing page, blog, or website can take advantage of the white-label link and invite people to apply directly without having to visit the project page again. This can save time and improve the user experience, ultimately resulting in more applications.

For clients who have their own websites, the white-label link can be a valuable solution. It provides a seamless experience for their website visitors, who can apply directly to the project without having to navigate to a different page.

Overall, the introduction of the white label link is a significant development in the Builders functionality. It offers a convenient and time-saving feature for both connectors and clients and has the potential to improve the overall user experience.

If you are an acceleration manager, investor, or community builder with a strong network of startups, the new white-label solution from Builders at Founders Lair may be of interest to you. With the ability to apply directly to projects without visiting the project page, the white-label link can save time and improve the user experience for both connectors and clients.

You can try out the white-label solution by choosing any project on Builders and clicking on share, afterward just choose the option “White-label link”. You can add the link to any call to action on your own landing page for the same project. Startups will be redirected directly to the application form.

To try out this new solution, head over to Builders or get in touch with the team. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to improve your project application process and create a more seamless user experience for your network. Contact us today and learn more about how the white-label solution can benefit your projects.


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