Product Update: Dealflow 1.6 – Introducing AI Scoring for Startups

Establishing meaningful connections between startups and larger organisations is vital for fostering innovation and driving growth. Dealflow (by Founders Lair), a cutting-edge platform connecting corporates, organizations, and governments with target Startups, has just released version 1.6. With this update we are bringing a groundbreaking feature called “AI scoring” to revolutionize the startup evaluation process. This article looks into the latest update, highlighting how Dealflow leverages AI technology to deliver enhanced value and facilitate seamless connections within the startup ecosystem.

Embracing AI for Enhanced Startup Evaluation

Dealflow’s commitment to leveraging advanced technologies is at the core of their latest release. With the introduction of AI scoring, startup applications undergo a transformative evaluation process. Powered by AI algorithms, startups are assigned a matching score from 0 to 10, indicating their suitability for specific startup programs or challenges. By integrating AI technology into the evaluation process, Dealflow streamlines decision-making and improves the efficiency of matching startups with the right opportunities.

Dealflow startup data room (one pager) with AI scoring

AI Scoring: A New Dimension of Evaluation

The AI scoring feature adds a new layer of intelligence to Dealflow’s platform. Leveraging vast amounts of data, sophisticated algorithms analyze various parameters such as startup maturity, industry relevance, technological innovation, and market potential and most importantly, the credibility of the referrer (media partner). By considering these factors, the AI system generates a comprehensive score that assists users in assessing the compatibility of startups with specific programs, competitions, investments, and more.

Dealflow startup applications table with AI scoring

Driving Informed Decisions

Dealflow’s AI scoring feature serves as a valuable reference for users, empowering them to make informed decisions. While the scores are indicative and not objective observations, they provide a quantitative measure to gauge the alignment between startups and potential opportunities.

Unlocking New Possibilities

The introduction of AI scoring not only improves the startup evaluation process but also unlocks new possibilities for Dealflow’s users. By harnessing the power of AI, the platform maximizes the potential for successful matches, fostering innovation and driving impactful partnerships. Startups gain access to a broader range of programs and challenges, increasing their chances of securing the right opportunities to fuel their growth journeys.


With the release of Dealflow 1.6 and the integration of AI scoring, the platform takes a significant leap forward in connecting startups with corporates, organizations, and governments worldwide. Embracing AI technology, Dealflow empowers users to make more informed decisions, leveraging AI-generated scores as valuable references. By embracing AI to enhance their processes, Dealflow demonstrates its commitment to delivering increased value and facilitating meaningful connections within the startup ecosystem. As the platform continues to evolve, it is poised to catalyze innovation, drive collaboration, and shape the future of the global startup landscape.

For more information and to experience the AI scoring feature firsthand, visit Dealflow’s website today or get in touch with us.


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