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What is a connector?

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Startup ecosystems are vast, chaotic, fuzzy. There are many stakeholders that make the world of startups spin. Impossible for any individual to see through the entire picture.

However, at its core, any value created is based on a connection being made between two people. A startup founder who is introduced to an investor, a founder who is introduced to an acceleration program, a person with an idea introduced to a potential co-founder, a techie introduced to a hackathon.

These connections make innovation work. They are the foundation for success or failure. If you have made any of these introductions in the past, you are what we call a “connector”. You connect opportunities with the right people, you create win-win situations, you help others.

There are three different types of connectors:

  1. Community Builders: You care about helping others, creating an impact for your startup ecosystem. You care about belonging, helping individuals to strive and grow.
  2. Startup Experts: You are an investor, investment manager, acceleration program manager, mentor. You know everything there is to know about the lifecycle of a startup. You care about creating value for your portfolio companies, your batch, your mentees.
  3. Technology Experts: You are an industry or technology expert, you are a leading driver in your field of innovation. You care about innovation, technology advancement, high-level exchange.

Connectors have different incentives for helping and introducing. All of them are keen though to track the impact their introductions have, they build a certain reputation in their field, they want to earn money. We have developed a system that helps you to do all of that in one place. If you are keen to become part of the digital age and help to distribute and decentralize innovation, reach out to us. If you would like to become a connector on Founders Lair, please take 1 minute and fill out this form.

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