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VENTUNO | A Multisensory Journey Crosses Italy

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What is VENTUNO?

VENTUNO is a multisensory experience, a journey that crosses Italy, region by region, and tells its cultural heritage and lifestyle through its local food and wine specialties. “Ventuno” is Italian for “Twenty-one”. The name was chosen for a reason: there are twenty distinct regions in Italy, each with its own, unique personality and heritage, each providing a distinctive experience. One, like Italy, is a single, singular country with twenty different traditions. Twenty-one celebrates these traditions, terroirs, and treasures, honoring Italy’s magic and identity.

What is special about VENTUNO?

VENTUNO has built a Product / Service Ecosystem that aims to promote in a unique way the Italian food, beverage, tourism, culture excellences. Our Ecosystem Approach is based on an immersive and unique user experience through several touchpoints:

  • Experience Box
  • B2C e-Commerce & B2B platforms
  • VR Mobile Virtual Tour App
  • Experience Stores 
  • Docuseries 
  • Digital Communities

It’s a fully immersive and exclusive experience of Italian Food, Wine & Travel Excellence enabled by immersive technologies available everywhere in the world.

How did VENTUNO team setup?

VENTUNO is an all-female Italian start-up that was born from the great passions of its founder, Ines Di Franco, for travel and local food and wine culture. Her family transmitted to her the curiosity and taste for discovery. The Sicilian origins have given her the love for food and the attitude to excellence.

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