Meet King Hobson: Founder of Diiclae

As a serial entrepreneur, author, and creator, King Hobson has established Diiclae—a platform that connects creators and collectors, offering them access to value, monetization opportunities, and a wider audience.

Diiclae is a blockchain-based marketplace allowing artists to monetize their artworks in more ways than most traditional platforms.

“Meet our Founders” is a series of interviews in which founders share their startup stories, the problems they encountered and their valuable advice. If you’re a founder or would like to be one, don’t miss our episodes!

In this exclusive interview with Founders Lair, King Hobson opens up about the inspiration and motives behind founding Diiclae, shedding light on the struggles he faced while getting his startup off the ground. Join us to learn firsthand the invaluable lessons King Hobson learned throughout his entrepreneurial journey!


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