splay | The World’s only 2 in 1 display and projector

What is Splay?

Splay is a battery-powered 24-inch display that folds to the size of a book.  Our customers use it for mobile work, presentation, tradeshows, education, disaster relief, and gaming.  Our key innovation is the material science for the only truly foldable projection screen on the market.   

What is Splay’s future plan?

We hope to work with interested partners to further develop the projector market.  Currently, projectors have major limitations since no large, portable, and easy-to-use screen exists.  This means you can only use a projector in a place where you have a screen or a white wall.  This severely limits the functionality of projectors.  With our solution, we will turn the projector into a truly portable device.  Every time when a non-portable product is made portable (e.g. Walkman, iPad, iPod, laptop, etc.) it creates a multi-billion dollar market.  That is our aim. 

What is Splay looking for?

We are looking to cooperate with other projector companies and distributors. Also, we are seeking partners, co-founders, and help with our China and overseas go to market.

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  1. Wonderful product. Some questions come to my mind.
    Can it be also functioned as smart tv? If so, people can use it for business presentation in remote area or place with less modern office facility support. Or, we just use with USB file presentation? How big the file size, she can handle? How many hours the battery last? How much the unit price? Thx

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