Product Update: Dealflow 1.3 – Looking for a partner?

Dealflow is a leading platform that helps anyone to get startup insights and data, to crowdsource startups for their programs and to manage their startup portfolio. Today, with the latest release, Dealflow 1.3, the platform is even better, more user-friendly and faster than ever before. Here are some of the new features and improvements included in this release.

Revamped UI in the Project Dashboard

One of the most significant changes in Dealflow 1.3 is the revamped UI in the project dashboard. The layout has been reworked to allow users to quickly find what they are looking for. In the analytics section, users will now be able to see a list of all their partners (people that have shared their project and generated applications) and also check how they are impacting their project performance. This will help users to gain deeper insights into how their partners are contributing to the success of their programs, and make more informed decisions about their projects.

Improved UX/UI for Inviting New Team Members

Another significant improvement in Dealflow 1.3 is the polished and improved UX/UI for inviting new team members. There are now only two user roles to choose from: Admin and Manager. Users can choose the user role when inviting new team members, and the “basic User” role has been deprecated. This will make it easier for users to manage their team members and ensure that everyone has the appropriate level of access to the platform from the very beginning.

UI Updates, Bug Fixes, and Code Refactoring

In addition to the above changes, Dealflow 1.3 also includes a lot of UI updates, bug fixes, and code refactoring. These changes will help to improve the overall user experience of the platform and make it more stable, reliable and faster. One small but important improvement in Dealflow 1.3 is that pages now automatically scroll up to the top. This will make navigating the platform more seamless and user-friendly, and help users to save time and effort.

In summary, Dealflow 1.3 is a valuable update for users of the platform. With the revamped UI in the project dashboard, improved UX/UI for inviting new team members, UI updates, bug fixes, and code refactoring, and pages that scroll up to the top, users will find the platform even easier and more user-friendly than before. And with these enhancements, Dealflow remains a leading platform for startups and investors alike.

To try out the new features and improvements of Dealflow 1.3, simply log in to your account and explore the platform. We hope you enjoy the latest update and continue to find Dealflow a valuable tool in your startup ecosystem journey.


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