How to measure your impact?

In order to know how to measure impact, it is important to understand what impact actually is. It is simply that your actions lead to a positive outcome. That your actions help others to benefit from it. For most people or companies it is impossible to measure impact because it is too loosely defined or the data is missing.

On Founders Lair, you get data on a successful referral. Our entire technology is built upon measuring impact, to ensure that we are aligned with our company mission to create a decentralized innovation ecosystem.

As a connector, you have supported your startup ecosystem, by providing valuable resources to founders, and the application of the startup has been accepted by the project owner. This means that the project owner received value, that the startup you have referred received value, and you as a connector got a referral fee and data that is a reward for your impact.

In the coming months, we will be adding new features and ways to increase the impact measurement possibilities for you.


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