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What is emoty.AI?

We help companies to test the effectiveness of their advertisement/media content through computer vision solutions. Combining both the tester network and cutting-edge AI models, we solve both the scalability problems in traditional device-based solutions and low accuracies in online solutions which makes it impossible to create actionable insights.

With our solutions like eye tracking, facial emotion recognition, heart rate detection, and blink rate analysis we can answer the following questions:

  • Where did the people look in your media content?
  • How did they feel?
  • How did their heart rate change throughout the research?
  • How were their stress and attention levels?

What are emoty.AI tech advantages?

Testing the quality of the media contents requires agile solutions that can be repeated and scaled. In traditional ways of neuro research, heavy devices such as EEG, GSR, FMRI, or EyeTrackers are required to evaluate audiences’ emotional levels, attention and engagement rates, and area of interest on the scene. These devices are hard to scale and moderate due to high logistic, operational and material costs, which causes a poor sample size with non-generalized research results.

Our solution is to provide similar metrics through AI-supported online solutions. We create a unique URL for each research for researchers to share with their testers. While they are exposed to the media content as they are just surfing on the web, our AI models analyze the facial videos and measure the quality of the media content based on the behaviors of the testers. Researchers won’t need to gather all the participants physically in place and can scale their research even internationally.

How did emoty.AI team setup?

Everything has begun with one of the founder’s thesis projects on using deep learning for emotion recognition. Then the founder applied the idea to the market research industry to solve a big pain point in the industry while gathering up 2 more people to the team, a Ph.D. level Data Scientist and a Marketing Specialist.


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