DeepFarm | A Smart Solution For The Livestock Industry

What is DeepFarm?

DeepFarm is a start-up established in South Korea that specializes in providing livestock (cattle) condition monitoring and management solution based on AFA (AI for Animal) for the livestock industry. We install CCTV cameras for farms to detect and analyze the status and behavior of cattle with embedded devices or mobile devices. At the same time, the AFA service monitors every cattle on the farm 7 x 24 hours through a camera that does not come into contact with the cattle, monitors the basic feeding status of each cattle, and informs farmers of special circumstances in real-time, so that farmers can confirm the cattle information in time.

What are DeepFarm’s technical advantages?

AFA service is based on the detection and analyze the behavior of cattle using embedded devices by using general CCTV installed in the farm without the expansive central server. In addition, non-contact cattle behavior recognition and analysis are running base on artificial intelligence CCTV.  AFA service aims to provide the analyzed information to the farmers according to Deep Farm’s own analysis through the data extracted from the breeding process.

Through AFA’s service, farmers can not only detect the environment such as the health of cattle, but also have certified the quality of beef and dairy products and sell them directly through online channels, and consumers can purchase products that are cheaper than the market with guarantee quality.

Meanwhile, we have the technical cooperation with the feedstuff company in South Korea, we are looking forward to some cooperation with the feedstuff company or farms to meet their technical needs and improve their final productivity.

How did DeepFarm team setup?

The co-founders in our team have been roommates from the graduate and doctoral stages, we often discuss some problems in our own respective fields. After we went through the national smart city project and the animal husbandry intelligence project director, we found that we can use the mature artificial intelligence technology and animal nutrition and behavior for technical integration, which can give birth to new methods of animal husbandry production and sales.

Our co-founders consisting of a Ph.D. in electronic engineering and a Ph.D. in agriculture want to use artificial intelligence or Internet of things (IoT) technology to solve the problems encountered in the animal husbandry field in today’s increasingly innovative information technology.


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