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Become a Connector and earn up to $4.000 per month

Your earnings depend on your engagement as a connector. If you are active and refer startups every month you can earn more. If you have your own startup network, you can already expect around 1,000 USD per month with a light engagement.*

Earn with your connections
The more startups you refer, the higher your earnings

Trace your impact, advance levels and unlock new earnings.

As a connector you actively engage with your startup ecosystem. Your impact is traced by your referrals to opportunities, and how many of these introductions were shortlisted. Each shortlisting will help you to advance in terms of levels and earnings.

A true ecosystem builder

What is a Connector?

As a Connector you help startups accelerate on their entrepreneurial journey by connecting them to global opportunities.

Connectors help Incubators, Accelerators and Community Organizations to utilize their startup network more efficiently. As a true Ecosystem Builder.

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