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Unlock the potential of your startup network and earn with Builders

Refer founders in your startup ecosystem to global resources. You can support startups by yourself, or with your organization. Organizational accounts have powerful analytics and team management features. 

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Fortune 500 companies

Become a marketing partner to fortune 500 companies and leading startup programs

As an organization, you can support any of the leading programs and as a special benefit, the logo of your organization will become visible on the project page as a community partner or as a media partner.

Refer startups to earn money

You can earn money for successful referrals. Any startup that is shortlisted by a project owner will give you a referral fee. Potential earnings per shortlisting are usually between 20 and 150 USD.

Earn with your connections

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Collect valuable data about your activities

By sharing projects and referring startups, you create insights on geographical reach, startup stages, industry verticals, and much more. You can analyze and increase your performance, or share your achievements with others.

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Builders logo Founders Lair

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Frequently Asked Questions

Open the project you want to share on Builders and click on “share this project“. You can then copy your own referral link or download your QR code for this specific project (the system generates different referral links for different projects).

Connectors get rewarded on successful referrals (applications shortlisted by project owners). The bonus for each project is different base on your level and the unit price project owner offered. Commonly seen bonus range is 20-80 USD per successful referral.

No, we welcome any individuals or organizations from any startup ecosystem.

You can subscribe to our newsletter or join our slack channel to keep updated to our new projects.

Please kindly send an email to if you have any questions.

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