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HICOOL 2022 Global Entrepreneurship Competition is one of the largest startup competitions in the world. It is where leading startups showcase their projects and compete for top prizes. 

It aims to build a multi-level, multi-dimensional, and diversified international entrepreneurial model, seeking high-quality startups worldwide, facilitating entrepreneurs to grow their business rapidly in Beijing.

The Competition managed to attract more than 6,000 international startups and nearly 10,000 global top entrepreneurial talents in the past two years. The total bonus of CNY 100 million makes top entrepreneurs from all walks of life eager to participate!

We are very honored that this is our second year involved as a technology marketplace that amplifies the resources offered by HICOOL and opening it up to the world.

Why should you be excited about this?

This year we have finally reached a technical integration between Founders Lair and HICOOL. This means that ecosystem builders anywhere in the world can easily join the competition and contribute through referrals to any extent suitable. If you want to contribute to your own startup ecosystem by bringing global opportunities to it, but also helping to bring attention to your ecosystem, reach out to us. 

HICOOL is a flagship competition, but we enable you as a startup ecosystem builder to be on top of your data and referrals to this, but also to many other competitions, resources, POC opportunities, etc.

Join the movement, become a connector on Founders Lair, and strengthen your own brand as a startup ecosystem builder.🤩

More info about HICOOL competition:

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