Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition for Overseas Talents 2021· Hangzhou (Hangzhou)
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition for Overseas Talents 2021· Hangzhou
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Project Description
The Competition 2021, scheduled to start in March, consists of two sessions targeting returnee Chinese and foreigners committed to innovations or startups around the world. There will be nine projects from returnee Chinese with foreign academic degrees and three from foreign contestants, which have survived Auditions, Semi-Finals and Finals, that can reach the Grand Final scheduled in November, in which the first, second and third prizes will be given following a joint road show.

- 1 first prize (200,000 RMB)
- 4 second prizes (100,000 RMB)
- 7 third prizes (50,000 RMB) 
- 88-156 winning prizes (20,000 RMB). 
*“IEC·S Global Research Award” winners will be separately granted a sum of 50,000 RMB (for specific industrial solutions), 20,000 RMB (for the small-and-medium-sized enterprises solutions) and 10,000 RMB (for solutions to intellectual needs)

Winning startups register their business and start operation of the company in Hangzhou within one year after the competition will be rewarded:
The First Prize: RMB¥5,000,000
The Second Prize: RMB¥3,000,000
The Third Prize: RMB¥2,000,000
Startups entering the Finals: RMB¥1,000,000
Other Startups Entering the Semi-Finals: RMB¥200,000 - ¥1,000,000RMB(base on the competition rankings in the Semi-Finals)

Other benefits:
- VC networking and Funding support
- Corporate services (landing, HR, insurance etc.)
- Preferential policies (including tax cuts, housing subsidies, financial guarantees and discount loans.)

We welcome talents from overseas with an intent to start new career or business in Hangzhou to join the Competition. Eligible contestants should be under 55 with a master (or above) degree, have experience in making technological innovations or running startups, and acquire new technologies or products with a broad market prospect. 
*Those who have started business in Hangzhou are not eligible for the Competition.

1. Both individuals or teams are allowed to apply. A team candidate should contain, aside from the owner of the projects, no more than three team members. They are required to appropriately share the academic knowledge on their program and can stay in cooperation for no less than three years.
2. Each contestant, either as an individual or a team candidate, is allowed to submit only ONE project.
3. Product or service the contestant suggests can be a self-developed or licensed invention or patented technology, or a concept likely to be materialized. The project itself should belong to a high-tech or strategic emerging industry and be technologically advanced. In a team candidate the core member should legally own the intellectual property rights of the project or be authorized to use it.
4. Each contestant should have a complete and detailed business plan that, based on all-out market surveys, can probably allow the projects to gain a foothold in the market. It should be an account of any technology applied, market prospect, business strategies and funding request, and contain a description of all team members and a future development plan with clear business models.

The Competition 2021 spans a period over March to November. 
- End of June: Application closes
- Aug to Nov: Auditions, Semi-Finals and Finals 
- Nov: Grand Final 
*More Competition events like matchmaking webinars or networking sessions will be available from this April to October, an opportunity to perform a road show online to VC managers, notable enterprises, industrial parks, incubators and accelerators in Hangzhou.

For details about the competition, you may also refer here:

Founders Lair is an official sourcing partner for the competition. Please click 'Apply" to show your interest in the competition, our team will reach out within 2 working dates to guide you through the application process.

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Application Deadline

July 18, 2021

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