Get Clarity on Startup Ecosystems.

Learn about the different types of ecosystem players and how they can help early stage founders to succeed. If you are new to entrepreneurship here is where you can find everything you need to know about what a startup ecosystem is and how it functions.


Acellerators & Incubators

Startups often need to move fast, and for this Accelerators can be the right choice. Incubators are capable of supporting you with mentors and long-term programs.



Universities have access to R&D, talent and knowledge. We list here the universities that are relevant for startups in your ecosystem.


Community Organisations

Community Organizations are the glue that keeps everything together, they organize events and can help you to open doors to the right people.

corporate innovation

Corporate Innovation

Corporates have vast resources and are looking for Startups to built POCs or future suppliers that can help them understand new trends and technologies.



Governments provide incentives and grants for their young and innovative companies, we help you to navigate the bureaucratic landscape to get the resources you need.

service providers

Service Providers

If you need legal support, health insurance for your team, a co-working space or any other type of service, we have these startup focused providers listed here.



Investors are crucial for the growth of many startups, if you are looking for seed, angel or any other round of investors, then you will find them here.

Working at a
Startup is different.

We are not the every-day job platform. You find at Founders Lair only positions at startups and innovative companies.


If you are looking for a hands-on learning experience at a startup, then you are at the right location with Founders Lair.

Team Member

The startups listed at Founders Lair are not looking for another stereotype manager or sales person. They are looking for startup enthusiasts who understand the difference between a corporate job and a startup role.


Finding a Co-Founder is a difficult procedure – we help by offering a platform for you to be introduced to the startups who are looking for an additional founding member.


We have you covered with anything interesting happening in the startup community.


If you want to learn anything about entrepreneurship, you will find the right workshop in our event listing platform.

Hackathons & Ideathons

You like to get involved over the weekend and build companies of tomorrow? Join any of the Hackathons and Ideathons happening in your city.

Demo Days

You are keen to see what is new in the startup realm. Visit the next demo day and learn about technology trends and innovation.

Fireside chats

Be inspired by thought leaders and serial entrepreneurs about their journey.


Industry leaders and experts from the startup worlds discuss future trends and hurdles.


Keen to know what tech-conference is happening in your city? You will find it on Founders Lair.

Everything a founder needs.