Navigate Efficiently in Startup Ecosystems.

We help startup Ecosystem Players to get transparency into other actors activities and perception. Strong ties to other players or peer innovators can help you to make better decisions and to make your startup efforts run much more smoother.


Acellerators & Incubators

Explore which Accelerators and Incubators are listed in your ecosystem, or get connected to top players in other cities.



Here you can find who is really doing a good job as an investor and who is not. If you are looking for startup introductions or joint investment, check out our investor listings.


Community Organisations

Community organizations can help you with branding, warm introductions and offer you a platform for events with the right entrepreneurial vibe.

corporate innovation

Corporate Innovation

Corporate innovation units are great linkages to various industries and have often open innovation platforms open to others with the goal to share best practices.



Governments are looking for partners to attract more entrepreneurship and innovation. They have multiple cooperation models which they support with incentives and grants.

service providers

Service Providers

Learn what services are currently provided to the startup community.



Universities are usually strong networks for any ecosystem player. Talent, mentors, experts and startups all can be found on campus.

Find Startup Reviews about
your company.

Founders Lair helps startup ecosystem players to assess their service offerings and to compare themselves with others. Reviews are only given by startup founders, vetted by us. We encourage all founders on our platform to regularly update their experience reviews in order to create a healthier environment. This in return, helps you as an ecosystem player to adapt quickly and improve your service offerings. Other ecosystem player cannot see what is said about you, only founders have access to this.

Get filtered Startups and find entrepreneurship minded people only.

We help you to be visible in the right way to the right audience. Startup founders who want to approach you are educated about your offerings and know what to expect. We will support your funnel also with an AI based matchmaking that will help identify the right matches for you.

Market insights and Reports.

Founders Lair is a Data-centric company – we know everything there is to know about startup ecosystems and innovation trends. If you are looking for ways to get transparency into a complicated terrain, then get in contact with us to learn how we can help you.

Technology trends

We bring light into the development of technology trends. We accompany the most innovative startups from idea to IPO and develop insights about new emerging startups.

Geographical reports

We create insight reports about regions and cities and the quality of the startup ecosystems based on our data of startups and ecosystem players.

Program analysis

Founders Lair supports ecosystem players with their efforts to built outstanding services for startups. We create insight reports about your performance and compare you to other players in the market.

Startup life-cycle

We develop research papers on the life-cycle of startups, keeping an eye on new emerging startups, successful growth, up to the death rate of startups.

Health check

We provide you with insights about national performance of entrepreneurs and give advice on how to improve the efficiency.


Our audience are entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts, innovators and thought leaders. Use our platform to find the right audience or join activities from other key ecosystem players and be part of the community.

Target audience

Our platform is tailored towards entrepreneurship minded people and actors from the startup community. We are the only platform that provides a curated audience.

Event planning

We can organize tailored events for you that can help you to reach the right audience or to attract the right startups.


Founders Lair can help to position you as a thought leader in entrepreneurship and innovation by showing your face and achievements to the startup ecosystems.


We can help you with event partnerships and cooperation with other ecosystem players. This helps to keep a budget friendly approach and to maximize the output.

Everything a founder needs.